Ex Raid Pass

yes yes yes...

am still playing yes.

after doing raids in those potential gyms, finally got another Ex Raid Pass.

MJ, got it. SG, got it.

ET, next time ya. CT, yes, very soon.

and this is my 3rd pass.

will still continue to raid to get a high enough IV Mewtwo.

you heard me !!!

Happy 2018


happy new year.

what is this image ? well, a well-hidden elevator button panel.

what has it got to do with anything ? nothing. i just wanted to post something.

you have a great year there.

Many Classic Moments

i want to do this.
iPhone 4. my first iPhone. attracted by its design. released in ( Singapore ) July 2010.
long awaited iPhone 4 White launched sometimes in April 2011.
iPhone 4S with Siri, in October 2011.
that side antenna were used to distinguish if someone owned the latest model.

iPhone 5 with new design in September 2012.
along with the newly designed EarPods.
colourful iPhone 5c in September 2013.
iPhone 5s with Touch ID in September 2013,
now comes in Gold.
iPhone 6 with yet another new design in September 2014.
first iPhone to come in two sizes, the non-Plus and Plus.
iPhone 6s in September 2015, which also comes in Rose Gold.
introduced Touch ID.
iPhone SE introduced in March 2016 for those who missed the 4" screen size.
iPhone 7 released in September 2016, now comes in Jet Black.


her last album, [ Finally ].
back in May, i was saying her latest single brought back the j-pop vibe. and then she announced her retirement. Namie oh Namie... why...
which makes [ Just You and I ] her last single. oh...
anyway, she re-recorded most of her old singles and shoved them into [ Finally ], except [ BRIGHTER DAY ], which already didn't make it into [ _genic ], and now also didn't earn a place in her last compilation album. i wonder why.
but i am so so so so glad that [ Get Myself Back ] made it. now i can clearly hear her singing the "傷つくために" part.
also like the part where Tetsuya Komuro produced one track for her last album. good good.
ok, let's do this. i will pick my top five favorite songs of Namie Amuro.
1) Get Myself Back
36th single, released in July 2010 as a double A-side with [ Break It ] music & lyrics by Nao'ymt
2) Just You and I
47th single, released in May 2017 music by Jenna Donnelly & Kiyohito Komatsu lyrics by MioFRANKY & …


so it's that time of the year again.

time to write post like this.

my handphones ~ 21

iPhone X.

pronounced as "10". back to Silver.

was in Singapore when the pre-order started. managed to pre-order two sets, each color one set, at 3.06 PM. decided not to deliver it to office.

wanted to try to pick up from the first Apple retail store in Singapore.

so after i got my confirmation email from Apple, went ahead to book my air ticket and hotel for 3/NOV.

got the afternoon slot.

was actually very nervous. because i really wanted this phone and wanted to get it on launch day. yes, i know. power of iPhone. but yeah.

so yeah, got it.

< 20th iPhone 7



昨天四點多才能睡. 想了整晚.

七八年前發生的事, 現在又再重複. 跟之前說的又不一樣了.


我知道我已經比99%的人類幸運了, 什麼都有人幫我安排. 可是現在這個局勢... 我真的很不開心.

如果你問我, 有什麼問題, 我也真的說不出一個所以然.

現在的心情, 就好像中五畢業後... 大學畢業後... 剛剛被丟去檳城... 還有剛剛被調去曼谷, 然後再被叫回去新加坡... 重複再重複. 不知道幾時才可以安定下來... 那種感覺...

看在別人眼裡, 如果我哭, 我未免太幼稚了. 也不見得委屈. 已經很好了.

可是也說不上是什麼開心的事. 要說安慰嗎 ? 也不見得.

就好像... 又要重零開始了.